Cinco De Mayo Roundup

Cook this stuff, instead of buying Coronas…

Ok so tomorrow is that day we all do Mexican/Spanish themed stuff. You’re probably going to partake in the spiri of it, so you might as well do it right by cooking one of the following recipes:


1) Paleo Chipotle Adobo Sauce. Make this awesome smoky and spicy sauce and use it on everything from grilled meats, to a marinade, or simply a dip.




2) Slow Cooker Tacos Al Pastor. These are just the bomb, and you get to use limes for something useful, as in squeezing them onto delicious tacos, instead of jamming them into a bottle of beer.




3) No Bean Baked (refried?) Beans. Who needs refried beans when you can make a baked “bean” / chili dish that will take the place of mushy black beans and make you forget about them.


4) Pineapple-Mango Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce. This is just spicy goodness with some contrasting sweet. Put it on everything.